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What is Foopipes

Foopipes is a lightweight integration engine for easy retrieval of data across sources, do data transformations and ingestion of data into various data stores or pushed to other external services. Foopipes can also expose its own endpoints and act as a service on its own.

It uses a message based workflow-like architecture for reliable operation with error queues and retries.

It runs in Docker and is configuration driven using yaml or json configuration files.

Data transformation is performed using C# scripts or Node.js modules. Scripts can either be .csx files or inlined in the configuration file. Node.js modules are written in Javascript or transpiled from Typescript or your language of choice.

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What is Foopipes



A few examples with explanation can be found here under Examples.

Also check out the Foopipes.Examples Repository for some out-of-the-box working examples.

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