Using the Docker images

Foopipes runs in Docker as a Linux container.

Creating default config

You can use the Docker image to create a default configuration file that can be used as a starting point for your project.

docker run --rm aretera/foopipes config >foopipes.yml


Mount current directory as /project and start Foopipes.

docker run -v $(pwd):/project aretera/foopipes:latest-sdk

for Windows, replace $(pwd) with %CD% for an absolute path to current directory.

docker run -v %CD%:/project aretera/foopipes:latest-sdk

Exposing ports

For exposing the listener port use the -poption.

docker run -v $(pwd):/project -p 80:80 aretera/foopipes:latest-sdk

SDK images

There are two variants of the Foopipes Docker images, one runtime only variant and one SDK variant with a -sdk suffix. The SDK variant contains Typescript and runs npm install and tsc before starting Foopipes. This is useful if you don't want these tools installed on the host and don't want to commit the build output into your source repository.