Command line and Environment

Command line options

--f=configfile         Configuration filename. Defaults to "foopipes.json, or foopipes.yaml, or foopipes.yml"
--m=moduledir          Module directory. Defaults to "modules"
--p=plugindir          Plugins directory
--scheduler=[on|off]   Scheduler enabled/disabled. Defaults to "on" 
--verbose=[on|off]     Super verbose debug logging on/off. Defaults to "off"
--telemetry=[on|off]   Send anonymous encrypted telemetry information on/off. Defaults to "on".
run <input> <topic> <filename> Run pipeline by triggering _input_ with topic _topic_ with json contents of file _filename_
config                 Send default foopipes.yml to standard output.

Environment variables

The following environment variables are used.

 FOOPIPES_configfile Configuration filename.
 FOOPIPES_moduledir  Module directory.
 FOOPIPES_scheduler  Scheduler enabled/disabled.

Environment variables are substituted in config files using the syntax ${VARIABLE}. Default values can be used by using the shell syntax ${VARIABLE:-DEFAULTVALUE}. Variable names are not case sensitive.

    url: "http://${MyService}/api",
    secondUrl: "http://${MyOtherService:-localhost}/api"

Anonymous Telemetry Data

Anonymous telemetry is enabled by default. Telemetry can be disabled with command line option --telemetry=off.

Telemetry data is sent encrypted over UDP and consists of a random uuid, fatal exceptions and pipeline data count.

No personal data is collected.